My 365 Magazine

Here are our some things I’ve stumbled upon whilst creating and editing an online magazine:
Magazine editing and blogging requires hours and hours of looking for contributors and content. This can require a juggle, and a few cups of tea (or coffee, if I’m honest) of doing the following:
- Thinking of e-magazine concepts (and getting everyone on board).
- Finding new, undiscovered to us websites that have a simple, homemade, or nostalgic style. – Bloggers, and or writer who have a passion for home decor, fantastic recipes, one-of-a-kind business ideas, or entertaining.
- Corresponding, either through email, Facebook or in person (which is not an easy thing to do when your shy).
- Collaborating all the work before the deadlines, and uploading them to a pad to edit before sending to our one, and only graphic designer.
- Printing our final drafts and discussing placement, the photographic content and hopefully finish the issue as close to the deadline as humanly possible.
Keeping in contact with our readers is a daily activity, which many of us enjoy doing anyways. From checking all the random updates on Facebook, to seeing new and exciting pins on Pinterest. At all times, whether it’s replying to an email, or simply leaving a comment we try to be thoughtful and respond.
Other ways we kindly ask for help:
- Asking businesses if they would kindly sponsor our issue, so we can afford to but those cups of coffee.
- Kindly ask friends who are bloggers, or writers to post about our magazine.
- Kindly ask contributors to read all the information before submitting. It’s short, and simple and saves us all time.
- It’s kind that people take the time out of their day, to read the contributions and efforts everyone makes to make an issue. Our magazine in online 24/7 and read worldwide in places we try to attempt to pronounce.


Is an enjoyable way to connect with like minded persons, who also enjoy everyday lifestyle, homes, cooking and baking, parties that you seriously want to replicate or general chit chat about movies, books, or our businesses.

I’m also working on a Lifestyle Design book, both written and illustrated by me.


Fabric Line

Currently working on creating a line for my Spoonflower store.


Art and Design Classes

Check back for next available Junior Designer Class.

A collection of my art and design lesson plans can be purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers.